New Delhi, India (BBN)-To check human-animal conflict and illegal poaching of elephants along the India-Bangladesh border, Indian Union home ministry has cleared the decks for signing an agreement with Dhaka for creation of special corridors for the migration of jumbos.
The two countries have had a few meetings and with the Border Security Force on board, the environment ministry hopes they will soon be able to ink an agreement aimed at conservation of elephants, The New Indian Express.
In a communique to the environment ministry, the home ministry said, “The matter has been examined in consultation with BSF and security agencies. The recommendations appear to be logical and would help in minimising human-animal conflicts in addition to controlling illegal activities related to poaching and smuggling of elephants.”
India has around 3,000 elephants on its side of the border in the region while Bangladesh has around 200 elephants.
A similar agreement is also expected with Nepal.
The recommendations were made after a meeting was convened for trans-boundary elephant conservation last year.
Both the sides were of the opinion that dedicated corridors are required along the 4000-km fenced border for free migration of elephants.
The MHA has, however, advised caution so that these corridors are not misused by insurgents.
“While creating corridors for movement of elephants along the borders, issues related to security need to addressed. The possibility of these corridors being used by insurgents/militants cannot be ruled out. From security point of view, creation of such corridors would require expensive preparation,” said the communication.
It further said adequate surveillance mechanism may be established to keep tabs on any suspicious movement through the designated corridors and awareness programmes conducted among bordering villages in order to sensitise people on various security concerns.