London, UK (BBN)-It sounds like a straight-to-DVD horror film, but zombie fish are now a terrifying reality.
Footage has surfaced showing a group of men removing a fish from a freezer and dropping it into a small metal tank, reports the Daily Mail.
The fish floats motionless for about a minute- before stirring its fins and emitting a few bubbles then gliding around the tank, appearing to have been brought back to life.
It’s unclear when or where the baffling video – which was uploaded this week to social media – was filmed.
This is not the first time frozen animals have been resurrected: in December a family brought a kitten back to life in Utah, America, after performing CPR on the animal in front of a fireplace.
In an even more far-fetched example, Japanese researchers have this month revived a water bear that have been frozen for 30 years and survived.
Not only did the microanimal survive three decades entombed in ice, but it laid 19 eggs – and 14 of them successfully hatched.