UK (BBN)-According to the gene therapy which shows that blindness in some children can improve their eyesight for some time but it is just temporary.
According to the scientists, they posted a theory in the UK and the US studies and the result that came is that gene therapy improves the tissue at the back of the eye, reports Geek Infinite.
Most of the people carrying LCA (lack congenital amaurosis) are normal for the vision of the eye. But the people with LCA carry a mutated form of gene which leads to the loss of vision.
A study was taken place by the Moorefield’s hospital, they injected healthy genetic into retinas and the result came that for 6 to 12 months the patients had some improvements but just for night life.

The head of genetics at UCL’s institute of ophthalmology, Prof Robin Ali, according to him the night vision is improved by the gene therapy, but it do slow the progression of the disorder.
According to a research team they have found a way to link gene direct to the cells that have been targeted.
A group of scientist found even more improving but similar pattern to improve the eyesight for more than 12 to 36 months.
Dr. Samuel Jackson highlighted the potential benefits of gene therapy and the problems that are left to be still solved.