New York, US (BBN) – ‘First you watch, then you die.’ If you’ve watched The Ring and its sequel, you’ve probably had nightmares of Samara (the ghost) crawling out of your TV screen like she did in the horror films.
Thank your stars you weren’t in this New York electronics store when Samara appeared, out of a TV of course, for real, reports NDTV.
Hidden camera captured reactions of unsuspecting shoppers, and if you’ve seen the films you will relate.
The ‘prank’ was really a publicity stunt to promote the new installment in the franchise, Rings, and Paramount Pictures has been both praised and slammed for organizing a gimmick that actually frightened folks out of their lives.
The video of the ‘prank’ is going crazy viral online.
Since being shared on January 23, it has amassed over 3.2 million views and very much counting.
The video shows a team first setting up for the prank at the store.
They put up hidden cameras and prepare a special compartment for the Samara ghost to climb out of.
Then, one after the other, customers at the store have the bejesus scared out of them. Some scream, some jump up terrified and a few even run away.
There were a whole lot of oh-my-gods too. Mischief managed and how.
We really wonder if any of the customers ended up buying a television set after that fright.
“And that’s when I knew I was going to shop online forever,” said one commenter on the video. “I am amazed nobody punched her,” said another.
“This is what a prank is. And this is what we need more of,” a YouTube user said.