New York, NY (BBN)– Global stock markets fell this week as the US Federal Reserve released its statement that US recovery is weakening and would require fresh stimulus, followed by an announcement that China’s industrial output rose the least in 11 months, adding to signs that the world’s third-biggest economy is slowing down. 
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) opened the week at 10,595.82 points and fell to 10,378.83 at the end of the week, having declined 301.60 points or 2.82 percent from the previous week’s close. Nasdaq Composite index shed off 94.94 points or 4.12 percent to close at 2,208.63, according to reports.
Japan’s Nikkei 225 index opened the week on Friday at 9,559.58 points but fell during the week, as global markets felt the effect of the US Fed’s negative outlook. 
The Nikkei ended the week down 441 points or 4.57 percent to close at 9,212.59 points. 
The BSE Sensex Index also took the hit of the global negative outlook, and fell 99.03 points or 0.54 percent during the week. Index closed the week’s trading on Thursday at 18,073.90 levels.
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