Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- Bangladesh’s jewellers have decided to slash the price of gold in the local market by BDT 758 to BDT 1,235 a bhori (11.664 gram), which will be effective from Monday, a Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BJS) leader said.
The step has been taken following the dramatic decline in gold price in the global market.
“The price of gold dropped by more than $ 100 per ounce within two days as a result we have decided to reduce the local price,” he added. 
The price of 22-carat gold dropped by BDT 1,235 per bhori, while 21-carat by BDT 1,166, 18-carat by BDT 758 and traditional gold by BDT 1,167, according to the BJC leader.
The newly-fixed prices are: a bhori of 22-carat gold BDT 54,937; 21-carat BDT 52,488; 18-carat BDT 45,256 and the traditional gold BDT 32,309, the BJS said.
On March 15 last, the prices were: a bhori of 22-carat gold BDT 56,172; 21-carat BDT 53,654; 18-carat BDT 46,014 and the traditional gold BDT 33,476.
On February 22, 2013, the prices of different types gold were: one bhori of 22-carat gold BDT 57,153; 21-carat BDT 54,587; 18-carat BDT 46,889 and the traditional gold BDT 34,409.
BBN/SSR/SI-14Apr13-6:10 pm (BST)