US (BBN)-In a bid to keep user data secure, Google’s next Android M operating system is said to include more privacy controls with a new permissions system.
In line with rival Apple’s iOS and custom Android version such as Cyanogen, the upcoming version of Google’s popular operating system will include detailed control over personal data such as phone numbers, locations, names and addresses, reports IBN Live.
A report on The Guardian notes that Android M will also let users choose whether apps can access some of none of their personal information.
Users can either accept all permission requests by an app or reject them and prevent the app from installing.
However, users cannot revoke permissions afterwards.
A hidden system of app permissions control called AppOps was exposed in error with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and was later removed in the KitKat version.
Apple’s iOS and third-party customized versions of Android, including Cyanogen, allow users to control the type of data accessed by installed apps.
Google has suggested that the new permissions system could be key to Android M and also include a new system of website permissions.
The idea behind the permission system is to protect users from permission-request overload to avoid a scenario that is present in user agreements, where most users blindly say yes without reading what they are agreeing to.