Mumbai, India (BBN)-This could well be the ugliest battle of the biggies in Bollywood.
Perhaps, even bigger than the one between Salman and Shah Rukh Khan in 2008, reports the Hindustan Times.
According to a report in, Salman and Aamir Khan were involved in an ugly spat during a party hosted by the latter at his Bandra residence in Mumbai on October 2.
Apparently, trouble started in the party when Aamir started “dissecting” Salman’s career graph over the years. “Aamir told Salman that had he shown this kind of maturity at an early stage in his career, he would’ve had a lot of proud titles to look back upon,” Yahoo quoted a source who attended the party as saying.
This infuriated Salman Khan so much that he replied with some really harsh words.
The Dabangg star even went on to say that he might not be as hard-working as Aamir, but he gives credit to his directors and writers. This left Aamir teary-eyed.
The relationship between the two stars soured after the announcement of Sultan in which Salman is playing a wrestler.
Aamir Khan had already announced the release of Dangal by then in which he is playing a Haryana wrestler.
We don’t know the veracity of the incident, but friendships in Bollywood are fickle and there’s a reason why we never take the ‘good friends’ sham in the industry on its face value.