Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– H&M launches transparency layer for all its garments on hm.com starting April 23, sharing details enabling fashion lovers to make more informed choices.

Under the initiatives, the global fashion retailer now share details such as production country, supplier names, factory names and addresses as well as the number of workers in the factories for each of its garments.

Besides, customers can find out more about the materials used to make a specific garment. By sharing extended details on where the garments are made and make it easier for customers to make more informed choices when shopping.

Customers can also access this information when shopping in the H&M stores by using the retailer app to scan the price tag on a product to see its details.

“We are so proud to be the first global fashion retailer of our size and scale to launch this level of product transparency. We want to show the world that this is possible,” Isak Roth, Head of Sustainability at H&M, says.
“By being open and transparent about where our products are made we hope to set the bar for our industry and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices.”

“With transparency comes responsibility, making transparency such an important factor to help create a more sustainable fashion industry.”