New Delhi, India (BBN)-Do you find yourself staring inordinately into space or examining your finger nails, whenever you have some time off?
Boredom can creep in uninformed in the middle of a busy day, or worse still, on a laidback weekend, reports The Times of India.
Lack of perspective, spontaneity are just some of the reasons why we feel bored, and that too, so frequently.
And at the slightest provocation, we are ready with one-liners like “I am so bored” or “It’s so boring”.
Experts say, it’s best to realise that ‘boredom’ is a state of mind, and by giving in you are only making life more mundane.
Here are some tips to effectively ward off boredom and stay more active:
Change your attitude
Cribbers are the first ones to realise that they are bored. You need to change your outlook, the world is not a very sad place to live in.
There is always much to do and enjoy. Says Dr. S.K Sharma, clinical psychologist and lifestyle advisor, “Getting bored is an attitude. The fact that you feel bored is because you have allowed it to creep into your life. Be ready to change gears. Tell yourself that I am not going to allow this to happen to me. Just stop thinking how bored you are, instead ask yourself – let’s do something.”
Organise your life
Stop mulling, instead put things into perspective. Chart a routine for yourself, and squeeze in some time for a recreational activity, exercising or a hobby.
That’ll keep you happily busy.
Dr. Sharma believes that by organising your time and resources well, you will be left with some time to try new activities.
“When you are too caught up in a routine due to lack of organisation, you tend to feel suffocated.”
Change – a constant
Someone has rightly said, variety is the spice of life. It is imperative to introduce small changes to our daily lives, from the way we think, the way we dress, to changing the set up of the living room once in a while or picking up some off-beat book and reading it up.
The idea is to not stick to a set order, and keep experimenting.
He explains, “Your mind needs change to feel excited and happy. Always look for change. You can turn your routine life into an interesting one by making tiny little changes.”
Cultivate a hobby
Keep yourself enthused by learning something different.
Try to hone a skill or develop a new one. Join a baking class, learn how to strum the guitar, become a fitness enthusiast, meditate, practice yoga, go swimming, learn a new dance form, or simply pick a sheet of paper and sketch your heart out.
“Look for new activities. It could be a new hobby, some adventure sport, or learning a new language. Remember age is no bar. Again mix it well according to your preference and feasibility to keep your mind excited,” says he.
Be a social bunny
Agreed, it may not be your forte, but at least give it a shot. We don’t mean you barge into others’ conversations or be over-friendly.
Take interest in people outside your friend circle. You are sure to find a whole section of interesting ones out there!
Give up all inhibitions, simply explore, talk it out, listen and absorb.
And, you will never again be bored.
Dr. Sharma suggests, “Make sure you mix with people across different age groups and from different walks of life. For instance, instead of spending all the time with friends or as a couch potato, sit with a group of kids from your colony and strike a conversation. People with different personalities and tastes add novelty into your life.”