Mumbai, India (BBN)-Kangana Ranaut made her acting debut with Gangster in 2006. And although the film did well at the box office, the actor had to overcome several hurdles to survive in the industry.
And even though she admits that she “hated all the obstacles”, the actor says that she “loves” her story, reports the Hindustan Times.
“Mine has been a journey of a thousand miles. I didn’t fly first class into Mumbai. I have travelled in buses, taxis and trains, and even walked a lot. I have slept on the pavement, since I didn’t have a house. I have been caught in traps, so I had to lodge complaints against people. I have seen the ugly side. On the other hand, I have also been awarded by the President twice, and I am the highest-paid actress today (smiles),” says Kangy.
The actor, however, made the most of every challenge she faced. “When I came to Mumbai, I was a small-town girl, and didn’t know anything. But here I am today, utilising all those things and making a difference on such a big platform. Everything that worked against me initially has turned in my favour,” says the 28-year-old, adding that she would like to write about her journey someday.