Bangladesh could earn $60 billion in exports by 2021

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Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Trade union representatives in Bangladesh are now better aware of how standard operating procedures (SOPs) relating to unfair labour practices and trade union registrations have to be implemented in the country, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) office in Dhaka.

ILO feels this will help facilitate freedom of association in the country, reports FIBRE2FASHION.COM.

Representatives of the National Coordination Council for Workers Education (NCCWE) and the Industrial Bangladesh Council (IBC) discussed the SOPs and offered feedback during a recent workshop in Dhaka, according to an ILO press release.

The SOPs, adopted by the Bangladesh Government between May and July this year, offer greater clarity and transparency in the process and detailed steps from the submission of a written complaint to the stage where cases are referred to the labour court.

ILO’s Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations (SDIR) project, which will end in March 2021, has supported the Bangladesh government to develop both sets of SOPs and also backed the process of social dialogue in the country by providing inputs to the terms of reference for the Tripartite Consultative Committee (TCC) established in May 2017 for the garments sector.