New Delhi, India (BBN) – The tenure of the Indian Armed Forces Field Hospital Unit has been extended by two months more on the request of Sri Lankan government, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

This is the third extension granted to the field hospital unit, providing succour and relief to the internally displaced Tamil civilians in Manikfarms Camp in Sri Lanka since March 9 this year.

The field hospital unit has a 60-member medical team comprising Surgeons, Pediatrician, Medical Specialist and Lady Medical Officer, a defense ministry press statement said.

The team so far has already treated over 21,000 internally displaced Tamil civilians including cases of gunshot wounds, trauma, head injuries and those related to general surgery and orthopedics at Manikfarms camp at Vavuniya, the statement added.

A 30-member Armed Forces medical team has been sent on July 23, from Delhi to relieve the medical personnel already there since March, this year. The Indian field hospital unit is carrying out yeomen service by providing urgent medical aid to the war ravaged Tamil Civilians, the ministry said.

BBN/SS/SI/AD-03August09-12:39 am (BST)