New Delhi, India (BBN)-It’s time to bid adieu to all the jokes concerning a doctor’s handwriting.
With the new rule coming in place, the doctors will be asked to write in capital letters, reports Focus News.
Not just that, they will also be asked to mention the generic names of drugs they prescribe to help people buy them cheap.
The Health Ministry will come out with gazette notification under the MCI regulations.
Under this, the prescription should be legible and preferably written in capital letters along with the names of the generic drug prescribed,” a senior Union Health Ministry official told PTI.
Due to non legibility, prescriptions were often misinterpreted.
As a result of which, in some cases, it posed a serious threat to human life.
With the onset of this rule, “Prescription errors will decrease. It will become uniform.
One drug has 10 odd brands.
The patients will be now able to know whether the drug is generic or not,” Aggarwal told PTI.
Now that the prescriptions are going to be in bold and clear letters, it’s going to be easier for patients to read what medicines they’ve been advised to have.
In US alone, 100,000 prescription errors occur every year. India does not have any data on this.
This is a cheaper alternative to electronic health records. It will take some time for doctors to get used to it,” he said.