Maharashtra, India (BBN)-A state in west India has ruled that children must not carry to school a bag that exceeds more than 10 per cent of their weight in a bid to prevent injury.
Officials in Maharashtra warned that heavy satchels were tiring children and damaging their spines and joints, reports BBC.
Teachers are being asked to weigh students’ bags at school but the state has not specified a punishment.
Indian children are often under immense pressure to succeed, carrying extra study materials from class to class.
“We have found bags that weigh 20 per cent to 30 per cent [of the children’s bodyweight] due to thick notebooks, textbooks, unrequired stationery and even cosmetics,” wrote Nand Kumar in the executive order seen by the AFP news agency.
Schools are requested to provide clean drinking water and food, as well as provide more storage space for books.
“I am happy to know that now we will be carrying a lighter school bag,” one student told the Daily News & Analysis.
“Initially, after school, I had no energy to play or study; but now I will be happy walking home with a lighter bag.”