Ashoknagar, India (BBN)-India Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday a plan has been finalized to complete soon the fencing of India’s border with Bangladesh to control infiltration from across the border.
He commended Bangladesh for helping India in controlling fake Indian currency racket and for extraditing criminals who escaped to that country, reports the PTI.
“We want to control infiltration from Bangladesh completely.
I want to assure you that to stop infiltration and secure the Indo-Bangladesh border, we have already finalised a plan of putting up fencing and flood lights,” he told a public meeting.
Singh said “you have seen how we have established good relations with Bangladesh through exchange of enclaves.
I must say that whether it’s a case of fake currency or cow smuggling or extradition of criminals, Bangladesh is helping us a lot in many ways.”
“It is the credit of India’s foreign policy,” he added.
Singh said the minorities of Bangladesh who were coming to India fearing persecution would be given citizenship in future too.
“For the last few years, an issue has been there that those minorities of Bangladesh who are coming to India are not being provided with social security here.
After taking over as Home Minister, I have taken the step of making valid the entry and stay of those minorities coming from Bangladesh.
In future also, we will give them citizenship,” Singh said.