California, US (BBN) – It’s been just a while since Apple launched its iPhone 7 and 7Plus globally, and now there are rumours for the upcoming iPhone already.
A report by 9to5Mac states that the upcoming iPhone’s display- dubbed the iPhone 8, will get a plastic OLED panel that’ll curve over the entire smartphone’s body, reports
Now the curved plastic display does sound interesting, however, it’s unsure whether the device will get a glass layer over the plastic panel, to add to additional strength of the smartphone.
Apple has always stuck to Gorilla Glass by Corning to add additional durability.
The report also suggests that the display technology is being manufactured by Samsung.
Previous leaks for the iPhone also shed light on the home button on the device.
The leaks suggest that the fingerprint scanner would be embedded right on the glass, as opposed to an entire separate unit.
The upcoming iPhone 8 is also expected to adopt a wireless charging finally.
However, certain leaks also suggest that this would be an aftermarket unit and won’t come with the box.
Moreover, the report also suggests that the device will adopt an all-new sensing technology, which will allow the iPhone 8 to respond to users touches on the device’s body, and not just the display.
Apart from the new additional features, the 2017 iPhone is also said to possess an upgraded hardware setup with more-refined performance and battery life.
This definitely feels probable, considering the use of OLED panels as opposed to IPS Retina panels, which are in-turn more power efficient.