Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-Bangladesh fast bowler Taskin Ahmed’s suspension from bowing in international cricket has been upheld by a judicial commissioner following a review hearing.

The ICC said in a release that Taskin had “exercised his right to request an expeditious review of his case by a judicial commissioner” following his suspension for an illegal bowling action, reports ESPNcricinfo.
The hearing was conducted via teleconference on Tuesday by Michael Beloff QC, the ICC appeals commissioner, and according to the ICC “lasted several hours and in which numerous legal challenges were made on behalf of the player.
Having carefully considered those arguments and the responses of the ICC, Mr Beloff has now notified all parties concerned of his decision that Taskin’s suspension from bowling in international cricket shall be upheld and indicated that a written reasoned decision will be provided in due course.”
Taskin may still approach the ICC for re-assessment at any time, the governing board said, following remedial work on his action.
BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury told ESPNcricinfo that the hearing lasted between four and five hours, and the BCB had grounds for a reversal of the suspension but he did not elaborate.
He said that the BCB had pushed for an expeditious hearing with a view to have Taskin cleared to play today’s game against India.
Taskin is still with the team in Bangalore, but given he will now have to resort to the long-drawn procedure around having his action reassessed before he can bowl again, a decision will be taken on whether to send him back home or keep him in India.
Taskin and left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny were suspended from bowling in international cricket on March 19, after an independent assessment found their bowling actions to be illegal.
The pair were reported after Bangladesh’s World T20 first-round match against Netherlands on March 9.
The BCB had filed the notice of review on Monday.
ESPNcricinfo understands that neither the BCB nor Taskin were questioning the independent assessment report but lodged the request for a review based on a procedural issue.
Article 2.2.15 of the ICC’s regulations states that: “in circumstances where the Player contends that the ICC has not followed its own procedures… in the lead up to and/or during an Independent Analysis, the Player shall be entitled to seek a review of the procedural aspects of his case by a Judicial Commissioner”.