Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-The Korean companies where expatriate Bangladeshis have worked expressed their unwillingness to hire more workers.

Bangladesh came to know about the Korean employers’ stance through Korea’s Employment Permit System (EPS) Centre in Dhaka on Sunday.

An official of the EPS pointed out that frequent job switching and illegal stay irked the Korean companies and they will give a second thought before recruiting more Bangladeshi workers.

If the case is that then Bangladesh is going to lose the lucrative Korean labour market, experts said.

Bangladesh in 2007 signed the EPS agreement with Korea and subsequently in 2008 started sending workers through the government-to-government arrangement.

The EPS Centre tests workers’ skills and their efficiency in Korean language before forwarding a list to companies that want to recruit foreign workers.

The Korean job market is lucrative for most Bangladeshi workers as they are able to earn over Tk 150,000 a month, five to six times higher than the usual middle-east market.

BBN/ANS/AD-12May14-3:42pm (BST)