Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Bangladesh Business News (BBN), the country’s first data provider, publishes economic as well as market data on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

The data are collected from both government and private organisations including the Bangladesh Bank (BB), Dhaka Stock Exchange and Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association (BAFEDA).

Indicators                                  Latest                     Previous
DSE X Index                              4554.27                   4563.68
CSE X Index                              8521.27                   8520.62
Inter-bank US$-BDT rate           78.40                       78.40
Inter-bank US$/BDT vol (in m)   90                           129
Cash (in m)                                10                           9.40
SWAP (in m)                               70                          104
BC-selling US$-BDT rate           78.7798                  78.7798
TT-clean US$-BDT rate             77.7798                   77.7798
Money Changers’ US$ rate        81.00-81.50            81.00- 81.50
Inter-bank call money rate          2.0-4.5                    2.75 – 4.5
DIBOR                                         3.4417                   3.5524
Forex reserve (in bn)                  $30.90                    $30.84
91-Day BCR                               4.1360                    4.1352
More data –like weekly call money transaction trend, non-performing loans situation, capital adequacy position and OBU operation –are also available only for the BBN’s registered users. Please contact us through e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for subscription.