Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- Higher than expected earnings at the world’s second largest chip maker Texas Instruments saw technology companies reducing losses in US markets from declines in the consumer and industrials sectors. The Dow close 1.43 points lower at 8,763.06.

The Nikkei fell 78.82 points to 9,786.82 as demand for Japanese machinery fell to 1987 levels. Capital investment fell 5.4 percent to USD 7.1 billion, pushing the Yen (JPY) lower to 97.53 against the US Dollar (USD).

Demand for USD safety fell as confidence returned to global markets on signs that the recession is easing. USD fell to 1.4207 against the Euro (EUR), according to reports.

Returning stability in housing prices and easing political pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown saw the Pound (GBP) gain to 1.6274 against USD.

BBN/SS/SI/AD-10June09-12:41 pm (BST)