New Delhi, India (BBN)-Mascara is one product that can make a huge, visible difference to your face, and also give you the pleasure of looking all natural and subtle, if done right.
This magic wand can open up your eyes and make them look less tired, reports the TNN.
However, if you don’t follow the rules of the trick when you are applying your mascara, you might end up with clumpy, spidery lashes that look ghastly.
Here are a few common mascara mistakes that many women are guilty of…
My mascara smudges!
If you end up with racoon eyes at the end of the day, you should know that you have chosen the wrong mascara.
The simple trick is to use waterproof ones, which stay put for hours.
Remember that using eye creams that are too oily could be one of the reasons behind even a waterproof mascara smudging.
So go easy on the oily eye creams during the day and opt for water-based under eye creams.
It dries out too quickly
Don’t stock up mascara that you scarcely use.
If you regularly use the product, it won’t dry out soon.
Choose to buy mascara that is not terribly expensive, yet, is of good quality and from a trusted brand.
Ideally, mascara has a shelf-life of only three-four months, so you should replace it after that.
I don’t like the clumpy look
If your mascara wand does not have the right brush bristles, then you might end up with clumpy lashes.
Choose a spoolie brush with a helix design to help coat your lashes evenly.
When you take the wand out, make sure to brush off the excess on a face tissue first — this will ensure you have enough product on the spool to coat the lashes evenly.
Can’t remove it well
If you are using a waterproof formula that stays on for long, you must invest in a good quality eye make-up remover.
Be gentle and avoid pulling the lashes while you are at it.