Padang Besar, Malaysia (BBN)-A mass grave believed to contain nearly 100 Rohingya migrants, has been found in Padang Besar.
According to sources, police commando and forensic teams from Bukit Aman arrived at the scene on Friday evening, reports Malaysia-based newspaper The Star.
Although there is no confirmation of the exact location of the grave, sources said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow.
Several police forensic four-wheel drive vehicles were seen driving back from the border town of Padang Besar.
“So far, no details are available as it is believed police are in the middle of conducting the operation,” the source said.
A police officer at the Padang Besar district police headquarters said the location was a restricted area, which is not accessible to civilians.
“The place has been cordoned off and it is located at a hilly site,” he said.
A villager said there was a possibility that a mass grave had been found in Padang Besar.
“The Rohingya people can die anywhere and not only in Thailand.
“You cannot choose the place where you want to die,” he said.
A check at the Padang Besar clinic showed the place to be quiet.
The Padang Besar town was also normal, except for the presence of a few police four-wheel drive vehicles and marked police cars parked in front of food stalls here.