London, UK (BBN) – As any woman who has been catcalled in the street knows only too well, it can be irritating and sometimes intimidating.
And now, one Reddit user has decided to call out all men for the act of beeping their car horns at ladies for no apparent reason and demanded an explanation, reports
Asked to share ‘what they hoped to achieve’ with the irritating action, male users were only too happy to share their reasons for their behaviour.
The reasons men gave ranged from impressing their friends to finding it amusing during a boring shift at work.
Honking a car horn at an attractive woman appeared to be the best way embarrass the people in the car with them, but that wasn’t everyone’s answer.
Most men explained that they did it for ‘laughs’ and amusement – and plenty attributed the act to their fellow passengers.
‘It’s the mess with the people inside the car,’ said one, whilst another said they do it to get ‘a bunch of laughs from the guys they’re driving with.’
One user revealed it’s a way for men to tell a woman she’s attractive, without having to be brave or smooth doing it in person.
One man explained that it’s his and his friends’ way of getting a rush of talking to a woman… without actually talking to a woman.