Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (BBN) – Wreckage of Malaysian Boeing (MH370) that went missing in early March may be in 160 km from the shores of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.

CBS TV channel reported this with reference to representatives of Australia-based Geo Resonance company specializing in exploration of mineral resources in the mining industry under a patented technology, according to the ITAR-TASS report.

The letter sent to the TV channel, in particular, says that “the materials found in 160 km to the south from Bangladesh could be wreckage of a commercial airliner”.

According to the CBS, the company processed satellite data using a special technology of searching for chemical substances and elements, of which the airframe consists, including titanium and aluminum.

In addition, the specialists were searching for fuel and other chemicals in one area. Thus, according to the Australian experts, an area in the Bay of Bengal has been located, where all the listed elements were found. The company, which previously also engaged in seeking for sunken ships, said that suspicious accumulations of materials appeared in this location between March 5 and 10.

According to media reports, acting Transport Minister of Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussein stated on Tuesday that Malaysia, China and Australia took into account these reports and had the intention to give an assessment to the received information.

A month and a half of searches for the missing Boeing carried out by Australian, Chinese and American naval forces in remote areas of the Indian Ocean did not yield any results, but cost $100 million.

Boeing 777-200 of Malaysian Airlines was performing a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing March 7. It carried 227 passengers and 12 crewmembers onboard. Communication with the plane was lost nearly two hours after its departure from the Malaysian capital. March 24, the air carrier issued a statement informing about the death of all people who were onboard of the missing plane.

BBN/SSR/AD-01May14-7:44 pm (BST)