California, US (BBN)-In what appears like an accidental disclosure, pre-order information leaks at an online retailer have revealed the pricing and release date of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.
While the software giant has planned a summer release for its new OS, there is no official word on the exact date, reports the IBN Live.
Posted on, the listings reveal that the highly-anticipated Windows 10 OEM OEM copies will be released on August 31.
The online listing reveals Windows 10 OS with a price of $109 for the Home edition and $149 for the Professional version.
A ZDNet report notes that Windows 10 OS is listed with a price of $109 for the Home edition, while the Professional version costs $149.
The website is also taking pre-orders for the software.
While Microsoft has confirmed that it will be providing free upgrades to those using genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems, it is unclear if the company is going to charge those with a counterfeit version of the operating sytem.
The new OS is packed with a refreshed design and enhanced features including the new Edge browser, new Media centre, Dolby Audio support, third-part app support, and even a flip the bird emoji.