New Delhi, India (BBN)-Weird things happens all the time because it’s a weird, weird place.
People go to any limits to substantiate themselves right even if their claims, discoveries or comments prove them to be the most bizarre people in the world, reports The India Today.
But, their weirdness also make us laugh so, why not award them?
Here is a list of 7 most weird awards:
Ig Nobel Prize:
An imitation of the Nobel Prizes, the Ig Nobel Prize is awarded for top ten achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think”. The awards are presented by Nobel Laureates at the Harvard University. One of the awards was given to Brian Witcombe for his research on “Sword Swallowing and Its Side Effects” and his results include “sore throats”. Too serious research, eh?
Darwin Awards:
Named after the naturalist Charles Darwin, the Darwin award is given to those who die in the most idiotic way. A group of people started this in the early 1980s and was officially instituted in the year 1993. A topic of the awards even became a subject of the film: ‘The Darwin Awards’.
Shorty Awards:
The Shorty awards are given to the best one liners on Twitter or best producers of short and weird content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social Web. The first award ceremony took place on February 11, 2008.
The Ernie Awards:
Initiated in Australia, the Ernie award is presented to individuals and companies who make sexist remarks. The award is named after the former Australian Workers Union secretary, Ernie Ecob, who was known for his sexist remarks.
The Foot In Mouth Award:
Awarded every year by British Plain English Campaign, the award is presented to those public figures who make a mysterious comment. Ex-President, George W. Bush was honoured this award for “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe – I believe what I believe is right.” Right!
The Pigasus Award:
Every year, the Pigasus award is presented to the worst of those who claim to have special psychic, magic, and paranormal abilities. The award has been given every year since 1982. James Randi, a noted magician, presents this award. He doesn’t officially give the award but says that if the winners don’t receive the trophy then it must be due to a “lack of paranormal talent” on their part.
The Stella Awards:
The Stella Award is granted to those who file playful lawsuits to earn quick bucks. The award has also attracted attention of the most absurd and egregious examples of people abusing the legal system.