I tried quite a few tricks. Lindsay Mack. Photo: Business Insider

Minnesota, US (BBN) – The word “posture” has always reminded me of people balancing books on their heads and sitting in stiff and uncomfortable positions for too long.

It’s something that takes a lot of time and effort to master properly, reports Business Insider.

But to be fair, my distaste for proper posture may be in defense of my go-to resting position, which can only be described as “slouchy.”

Unless I’m actively attempting yoga or dance, and consciously thinking about my body’s placement, I tend to crunch down into weird arrangements, like my bones are melting.

However, the importance of proper posture is almost impossible to overstate. Far from being a stuffy practice, good posture can save you from a host of health problems. In fact, poor posture can lead to headaches, back pain, shoulder impingement, and even breathing problems, according to the Mayo Clinic. I know from experience that slumping over in my office chair for too long can lead to tremendous tension in my shoulders, as well as a literal pain in my neck.
In addition, the way you carry yourself can have psychological impacts as well. In fact, simply sitting up straight may make you feel more alert and upbeat. According to a 2017 study in Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, people with mild to moderate depression who adopted an upright posture experienced less fatigue and anxiety.
In an attempt to fix the habitual slouching, I tried out a variety of techniques for posture correction. Drawing inspiration from the medical world, the dance community, and fitness techniques alike, I sought to find an easy way to break my bad habit of sitting all scrunched up and bent, especially at my desk.
To be fair, all of these techniques will likely help anyone maintain better posture with proper practice and dedication. But I was looking for more of a quick fix, a handy reminder to maintain good posture throughout the day. Out of all the tips I attempted, only one lived up to that requirement.