Times More Germs Than A Toilet Seat Office tea bags are loaded with germs, 17 times more germs than those on a toilet seat!

New Delhi, India (BBN) – Are you in a habit of sipping a cup of tea every day at work? That one single cup of tea can help you calm down and work better than usual, right? Think again!

A new study shows that office tea bags carry germs; and that to 17 times more than what you find on a toilet seat. Gross isn’t it, reports NDTV.

Scientists reveal that the average bacterial reading of an office tea bag is 3785 and compared to those on a toilet seat which is 220.

The Initial Washroom Hygiene conducted this study and found out that the staggering results were an analysis of the bacterial reading on kitchen utensils. Bacterial reading on other kitchen appliances were averaging at 2483 on kettle handles, 1746 on the rim of a mug and 1592 on refrigerator door handles.

A poll was conducted in this study of 1000 workers and it was found that 80% of them did not think of washing their hands before making beverages for their colleagues.
Dr Peter Barratt from the Initial Washroom Hygiene felt that an increased level of awareness is required for maintaining hygiene in communal kitchens. He explains that use of anti-bacterial wipes on kitchen appliances, surfaces and cleaning mugs can help in keeping your work force healthy.
Here’s a list of tips to help you maintain good hygiene in your place of work.
1. Don’t eat at your desk. The sponges used to clean your desk carry millions of microorganisms and are filthy enough to make you fall ill for a long period of time.
2. Wash your hands as often as possible. While you touch all sorts of surfaces all around you in office, you do not know what sort of germs might be present all around you.
3. If ill, avoid going to office. This is not just for your health, but for the health sake of your colleagues.