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Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – The prices of Miniket good quality rice and medium quality rice increased slightly while the prices of local onion and eggs decreased in Dhaka on Thursday.

The prices of daily essentials witnessed volatility due to unavailability of the items.

The prices of per kg Miniket good quality rice is at BDT 64-68 on Thursday while it was BDT 62-66 on Wednesday, said the latest data provided by the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

On the other hand, the prices of per kg medium quality rice is at BDT 50-56 today and it was BDT 48-55 yesterday, the data showed.

The prices of per kg local onion is BDT 110-130 today while it was BDT 120-130 yesterday.

Meanwhile, the prices of four pieces eggs are BDT 24-26 on Thursday while those were BDT 25-28 on Wednesday.

The prices of other essential items however remained almost unchanged at different kitchen markets in Dhaka on Thursday, the TCB data added.