Beijing, China (BBN)-An adorable puppy has miraculously survived the massive explosions that devastated a Chinese city last week.
The chocolate brown puppy was rescued from the centre of the explosion site in Tianjin on Sunday – more than 72 hours after the blasts tore through the warehouse, reports The Daily Mail.
The dog is said to be in a healthy condition and has been named ‘Chemical’, or Shenghua in Chinese, by his rescuers, reported the People’s Daily Online.
Chemical was rescued by soldiers from the anti-chemical warfare regiment, who are working to clean up the explosion site.
He appears to have grown very attached to the soldiers that rescued him and has been following them around in their unit ever since.
It is not clear who owns the puppy and why he was on the site of the warehouse at the time of the explosions.
Chemical’s story spread quickly across Chinese social media after he was rescued on Sunday.
The story has also been widely reported in the media, providing some respite amidst the grim reports that have followed the explosion.
At least 114 people have been killed after twin blasts set off a fireball that devastated a vast area of the port.
More than 700 people have been injured and another 70 are still missing since the explosions last Wednesday night.
Rescuers are still combing through the site for people trapped beneath the rubble, although hopes of finding survivors are fading.
Chinese officials confirmed on Sunday that several hundred tonnes of highly poisonous cyanide had been stored at the warehouse – more than 70 times the permitted amount.
A difficult clean-up operation is now underway as salvage teams work to the cyanide from the site.