Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- The holy Ramadan will begin on Sunday as the new moon was not sighted anywhere in Bangladesh sky on Friday.

Lailatul Quadr, the night of divine blessing and benediction, will also be observed on September 17 (Thursday night) in the run-up to Eid festival.

The National Moon Sighting Committee on Friday took the decision in a meeting held at the Islamic Foundation in Dhaka after reviewing reports on moon sighting for the holy month of Ramadan.

Chairman of the committee and State Minister for Religious Affairs Shahjahan Mia presided over the meeting.

Ramadan is the most significant month to Muslims as the almighty Allah had commenced the revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Sm) some 1400 years ago testifies to the sanctity, graciousness, and divine excellence of this sacred month.

BBN/SS/SI/AD-20August09-11:51 pm (BST)