Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-The garment workers of Bangladesh and different rights bodies on Friday raised their voices for immediate compensation of Rana Plaza victims as they remembered the Rana Plaza victims.
Thousands of relatives of Rana Plaza victims, workers of different garments, members of various workers’ organisations and common people have thronged Rana Plaza site since Friday morning to pay their tribute to the fallen souls who lost their lives on this very day two year ago.
They also called for the compensation, safe working condition and punishment for the culprits who were behind the Rana Plaza disaster.
They marched towards the site in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka, and placed wreaths at the monument ‘Protibade Protirodhe’ to mark the second anniversary of the disaster.
The monument was built after the deadliest collapse of Rana Plaza on April 24 in 2013 that left more than 1,100 people, mostly garment workers, dead and thousands injured or traumatised.
Two years after the deadly factory collapse in Bangladesh, families of the thousands of workers affected are still struggling with the aftermath.
Meanwhile, the owner of Rana Plaza, Sohel Rana, is yet to be punished.
Rana, who is now behind the bar, is blamed for forcing the workers to enter the factories on that day though big cracks appeared in the building.
They also demanded financial assistance from the government and the international brands.
Meanwhile, the international business and labour groups say they’re making progress in preventing similar catastrophe.
In another development, family members and relatives of victims offered Fateha and sought divine blessings for the departed souls at Jurain Graveyard in the capital where the dead victims of Rana Plaza were laid to rest.
They also demanded for a monument to commemorate the victims of Rana plaza.
The garment workers also held human chain before the National Press Club in Dhaka demanding the compensation and workers safety in workplace.