New Delhi, India (BBN)-Red lip colour is rich, classic, graceful and bold, all at the same time.

But one should know how to wear that red, reports the TNN.
Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to red lipstick….
– If you are heading out, consider wearing softer tones of red.
– Don’t go for the red chilli lip colour, if you have thin lips.
– If you choose to go with the bright red, then don’t play up your eyes. Also choose your clothes accordingly .
– Don’t let the lip colour smudge. Use a concealer so the lipstick doesn’t `bleed’.
– Careful ladies, don’t get the lipstick on your teeth.
– Layering is very important when it comes to lipstick.
– Accentuate your lips by using a plain gloss to give it that shine.
– Have you ever thought of two-toned colouring? Get a darker shade for the border of the lips and a lighter shade for the centre. Make sure you brush them so they blend seamlessly.
– Try wearing a red lipstick for the upper lip and a light orange colour for the lower lip. Goes with summer, isn’t it?
– Another tip is to use the same lip colour for your cheeks. So the look is complete.
– If you don’t want the red to be flashy, dab some lip colour on your middle finger and spread it evenly on your lips. This makes your lip colour look subtle.