Okay so many times I get this query, how to use rice water to get fair skin. So here is the answer
There are many ways and I am going to tell you simplest way.
It is just 4 step process
Step 1. Using a clean bowl, soak some uncooked brown rice, white rice or red rice in water.
A handful of rice should be more than enough.
Step 2. Run your fingers through this, as if you’re cleaning the rice.
Step 3. The water should look pretty cloudy right now. Drain this water into another clean bowl.
Step 4. Splash the ‘rice water’ over your face repeatedly (Tip: exfoliate your skin first with a scrub or washcloth so the rice water can be better absorbed).
For even better skin lightening, do not towel your face dry but leave it damp to air-dry on its own, according to Zop Chat.com.