Ahmedabad, India (BBN)-The state's premier Directorate of Forensic Sciences (DFS) and affiliated Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) have extended their technical support to the Saarc nations for betterment of the forensic science use for crime detection and prevention.

A team from Bangladesh is the latest to attend a short-term course on narcotics at GFSU, reports The Times of India.

Dr J M Vyas, director general of GFSU, said that last year, teams from Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan visited and attended courses at DFS and GFSU.

"Most of the times, it is the application of latest technology or a specific area of expertise they want to study. For example, a team from Nepal had come to understand how forensic science can be used for identification of the murder victims. The team from Bangladesh has a specific focus on handling of narcotic cases where conviction is based on strong evidences," he said.

He added that the DFS has played host to Saarc nations in 2011 when it organised an international seminar on wildlife crimes.

What brings the experts to GFSU? Dilip Kumar Saha, chief chemical examiner of Bangladesh police's CID unit, said that Bangladesh has a major issue of drug proliferation from neighbouring countries.

"Synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine have now surpassed natural psychotropic substances. The prime purpose of the visit it to prepare water-tight cases where police and forensic science experts can work together for collection of evidence. Identification of the seized drugs is also a major issue for which we are exploring the technology available," he said.

GFSU officials said that India's strength in the field of forensic science lies in the indigenous methods they have developed that are economical.

"Most of the Saarc nations cannot compete with the technology available with western countries that they employ for crime detection. Many have threadbare infrastructure. The challenge is to work within limitations and get the results," said a senior official.

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