Pune, India (BBN)-Bollywood actor and Mumbai bomb blast convict Sanjay Dutt has been granted parole of 30 days by the state administration.
The actor had applied for the parole in June citing the reason of the ill-health of his daughter, reports the Hindustan Times.
Sanjay’s parole has always excited much debate in media, with many insisting that he’s getting special treatment due to his star status.
The parole application was sanctioned by Pune divisional commissioner two days ago and the actor is expected to be home in next couple of days after completion of the formalities including surety.
The 30-day parole is extendable by 60 more days, which means the actor can now be on parole for three months.
Since his sentence began in May 2013, the actor has been out of jail for 146 days.
In October 2013, Dutt was granted furlough only to be extended by another 14 days.
Then in January 2014, he was granted parole for 30 days, which was extended for 60 days.
He was again granted furlough of 14 day in December 2014, which was not extended after massive criticism in media.
According to an official from the home department , the furlough is the right of the prisoner under which he gets 28 days of exemption in a year, while the parole is granted in extremely exceptional cases such as natural calamities, ill-health of prisoner or his family members.
The parole is granted for 30 days and could be extended twice with 30 days each in a year.
Vijay Satbir Sigh, principal secretary, (home) said, “We have been informed that the Pune divisional commissioner has approved the parole application and Dutt will be out after completing the formalities.”
Dutt’s counsel had made a request to the home department in last week of July, requesting the instructions to the divisional commissioner within the stipulated period of 45 days of the application.
Moreover, the actor is likely to get remission of 30 days at the end of the completion of the jail term.
“The 30 day exemption is granted to the convicts with the good conduct during the term. However, the four day’s addition in the ‘punishment’ for reporting two days late after the completion of 14-day leave sought under furlough in January this year may play a spoilsport. Punishment of four days may result in rejection of the 30-day remission as the convict with any ‘punishment’ is not considered for exemption,” he said.
However the home department differs on the proposed punishment by the prison authorities.
“First of all, the prison authorities have no power to punish the convict for reporting late, as the decision is taken by the state government. In the furlough case, the actor was not at fault as the delay on the decision on extension of the furlough was by the prison administration. The file has been now referred to us and we will cancel the additional term of four days,” the officer said.