New Delhi, India (BBN)-When couples divide housework, they end up with a marriage that last longer than the ones where only one spouse is in charge of domestic work.
Always ensure that you split chores
You can split the work according to what you and your partner would like to do. For example, if you are cooking, ensure that your spouse is either cleaning or laying the table, reports The Times of India.
But make sure that you are not pressurising your partner, else you might just find yourself dealing with your spouse’s tantrums.
Do the work together
Instead of constantly running behind your spouse to get the work done, the two of you can share the task and do it together.
Not only is it fun, but you can also make sure that the task is being done perfectly.
Not only will it make your bond grow stronger but will also ensure that your work is done properly.
Appreciate the work that is being done by your partner
Saying a simple thank you to your spouse will go a long way in ensuring that your marriage stays happy.
Expressing gratitude is another way of showing your love and concern for the person.
No matter how the work has been done by your spouse, ensure that you recognise it to make your partner feel great.
Engage your kids in housework too
Make sure that you also get your kids to do a part of the housework like making their own beds, watering the plants etc to keep them engaged and also making them responsible.
Have specific days to do house work
In case you and your partner cannot share household tasks on a daily basis, you can have days allotted when the two of you can do it.