Belgrade, Serbia (BBN)-A photo of a baby surrounded by syringes sounds like the exact opposite of heartwarming, but stay with us, reports the Mashable.
42-year-old mom Angela Nicole struggled to conceive a child for years, trying intrauterine inseminations and later in vitro fertilization, according to The Daily Dot, collecting all the syringes and vials of medicine from her shots as she went through the journey.
She finally gave birth to a daughter, Sophia, four months ago and so she decided to commemorate the experience by arranging the vials and syringes in a heart to show just how badly she wanted to give Sophia life.
“I thought this would be a good way to both remind myself what I went through to have Sophia,” she told The Daily Dot.
“And show her some of what her mommy endured to bring her into this world.”
Many happy parents of kids conceived via IVF shared their families’ stories with Angela Nicole on the Facebook page.