Los Angeles, US (BBN)-Gary Powell, the chief stunt co-ordinator of Spectre, has revealed that the team behind the film had destroyed 24-million pound worth of Aston Martin DB10 sports cars for the movie.
“We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre. In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds worth,” Powell told Event Magazine, reports the PTI.
“They were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110 mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film.”
During the filming of a chase scene in Italy, a total of seven specially-designed Aston Martin DB10 sports cars were destroyed.
The sports cars were equipped with the iconic ejector seat.
According to the magazine, the car race went through the Vatican, the Colosseum and along the River Tiber.
Another mind-blowing action scene included the secret agent in his Aston Martin, pursued at high speed by a villain riding a Jaguar C-X75 through the streets of Rome.
Spectre is another movie to feature epic car demolition this year after Furious 7 and Mad Max: Fury Road.
Daniel Craig reprises his role as the spy agent for the fourth time in the 007 series.
He is joined by Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Dave Bautista in the cast.