Washington, US (BBN) – A NASA martian rover discovered a large spoon on Mars.
This is the second object to have been found on the planet recently, reports stocknewsusa.com.
Martian believers think this is a clue in the search for life on Mars.
A footage from NASA shows the spoon on the sand-like surface.
Being the second spoon seen on the planet in the last years, some believe it is a strong clue for the sign of development.
Amongst the objects found there, are gloves and rings.
A UFO hunter account posted the video on Youtube, followed by: ‘There is a giant spoon on Mars! This thing is amazing! Probably left over from a lost civilization’. Users were stunned by the discovery.
Someone commented that this is a sign of intelligent life on the planet.
While there are lots of believers, some were skeptical and believe that this is an optical illusion.
The search for other forms of life in the space has been going on for years.
People are interested in finding other creatures than us in the universe.
Martian believers find all sorts of ways to ensure that there are signs of development on other planets as well.
However, there are many that do not want to know about any kind of extraterrestrial creature.
Also, there are many that look at this with skepticism.
Whether life on other planets exists or not, this latest discovery sure does make an important step.
Maybe NASA will discover something much bigger soon.