Swine flu Photo: Zee news
Mumbai, India (BBN)-Swine flu has claimed the lives of 43 more people taking the toll in the country to 1,158 at present, ringing alarm bells against the deadly virus.
Since we are busy in our everyday activities, it is difficult to prevent ourselves from exposure against such infections, reports the Zee News.
Off course getting vaccinated against a particular infection is a solution to ensure a strong immune system, but cutting down on unhealthy habits and adopting a good lifestyle will certainly take you a long way in staying fit.
So, apart from taking the general precautions like washing your hands, wearing masks, keeping your surroundings clean, it is also important to boost your immunity to prepare your body to fight against catching the virus.
But, there is absolutely no need to panic as there are natural ways that can help keep the deadly H1N1 virus at bay.
EATING WELL: Eating well plays an important role in maintaining good health.
Include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet as they are an excellent source of antioxidants and help boost immunity.
Also include probiotics like yoghurt in your diet as it contains bacteria which helps in absorption of nutrients in the intestines and stabilises the immune system.
Consuming fruits is also a good idea as they are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight infections and boost immunity to fight against diseases.
NATURAL HERBS: There are few herbs that can offer a lot to boost your immune system like garlic, ginger, ginseng.
All of them help in flushing out toxins from the body and improve your immune system.
SLEEP WELL: Most of us do not care about our sleeping schedule or do not get adequate sleep.
A good amount of sleep, say 7-8 hours is a must to relax your mind and reduce stress levels. Also, improper sleep reduces immunity.
So sleep your way to good health and enjoy stress free and healthier life.
HYGIENE: One needs to be cautious and maintain hygiene in order to fight infections.
It is important to wash your hands time-to-time and also take proper shower to keep your body free from infections.
Also, cover your mouth while you cough or sneeze to prevent spreading infections.
HYDRATE YOURSELF: Yes, drinking ample amount of water is a must.
It is advisable to take at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep diseases at bay as it flushes out all the toxins from the body providing natural boost to your immunity.
Indulge in exercising: Studies have proved that daily physical exercises help protect from diseases.
One should ensure physical activity like walking, jogging, playing games like tennis or football on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes as it rejuvenates one’s mind and senses and boost immunity.
POSITIVE THINKING: Yes, you heard it right.
Positive thinking plays a major role in combating stress.
Thereby giving positive messages to your mind and helps ease anxiety and reduce stress levels which in turn again boosts your immunity to fight against diseases.

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