Chittagong, Bangladesh (BBN)- The weekly tea sale in the country’s port city on Tuesday witnessed a stronger demand from all sections of the market particularly with the entry of a major Blender. 
Loose tea buyers were quite strong and as a result, prices moved up in sellers’ favour, market reports said, adding that Good liquoring Dusts sold well but at easier rates.  
CTC LEAF: 10,028 packages, 1,047 packages of old season and 42 packages of a/c concerned teas on offer met with a strong demand particularly with the progress of sale. 
BROKENS: Well made good liquoring larger Brokens were strongly competed for and advanced by BDT 4.0 – to BDT 8.0 and these could be quoted between BDT 184 and BDT 194 – per Kg. Medium Brokens were also a strong feature generally at firm rates. There was hardly any withdrawal in this category. 
FANNINGS: Well made good liquoring Fannings were progressively a stronger market and were generally firm to slightly dearer often by up to BDT 2.0- over last. Best varieties sold between BDT 196 and BDT 200. Good liquoring types fetched between BDT 189 and BDT 195. Medium descriptions met with a better demand and generally sold between BDT 185 and BDT 188.  
CTC DUST: 1,723 packages and 191 packages of old season teas on offer once again met with a fairly strong demand at easier rates. RDs/PDs sold between BDT 195 and BDT 200 whilst their corresponding Ds sold between BDT 205 and BDT 210. CDs sold between BDT 210 and BDT 240. Loose tea buyers lent good support with more interest from the Blenders.
BBN/SSR/AD-16May12-9:50 am (BST)