Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) –  People living in rented houses have urged the government to enact a law to control house rent as owners of the houses increase the rent whimsically every year.

They made the urge while addressing a human chain under the banner of Jatiya Nagarik Samaj formed in front of National Press Club in the capital Dhaka on Friday.

The house owners are capitalizing on the absence of law; that is why they increase rent as per their wish, the victims alleged adding that if anybody objects to it, then the owners sharply tell them to leave their house.

Muhammad Nasir Uddin Munshi, chairman of the association, said there is no alternative way for the people who live in rented houses. He also said this problem is increasing day by day due to lack of practice of having agreements and providing receipts for rent.

The organization placed some demands also regarding the issue which include fixing house rent as per square feet, activation of the current law, making agreement with tenants and controlling increase of house rent.

BBN/SI/AD-22Jan11-1:37 pm (BST)