New York, US (BBN)-Sit back, relax and wear your seat belts as this little munchkin in her purple tutu dress is going to blow your mind.
Comedian Ellen DeGeneres introduces 3-year-old Brielle as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show saying “Our next guest can recite the entire periodic table. So either she’s really smart or just a complete showoff”, reports the NDTV
Turns out, Brielle is in fact “really smart”; so much so that even Ellen exclaimed “you’re making me feel bad about myself!”
In addition to knowing all the elements on the Periodic Table, Brielle can also explain their individual characteristics, which she did as Ellen held up flash cards indicating various symbols.
That’s not all, Brielle also claims to be knowing her states, capitals, and Presidents- her favourite President being Barack Obama (no points for guessing that one).
This little one will surprise you with her knowledge about Potassium (K) right in the beginning – including which food it’s found in, its function and in what capacity it can help our human bodies, making Ellen go “Wow” and leaving her aghast with eyes wide open.
Later she goes on to correct Ellen’s pronunciation of strontium even.
And while talking about how Phosphorus can burn under water, in her most adorable tone, Brielle exclaims, “isn’t that crazy?”
Well tell us about what’s crazy after watching this little wonder on the show.
The video of Ellen’s Facebook page was posted on Tuesday and has already garnered about 39,571,641 views, still counting.