London, UK (BBN)-A two-year-old brainy dog in the UK can solve maths problems faster than a toddler due to his special talent for sorting shapes, recognising numbers and knowing around 60 different commands.
Cooper the super intelligent pooch can also stick his tongue out on command and has been deemed ‘smarter than a toddler’ for his remarkable talent, reports the Press Trust of India.
Owner Kirsty Forrester, 28, recognised her animal was good at learning tricks when she taught him to stick out his tongue on command.
“When I first got him I noticed his tongue sometimes poked out. When he was three-months-old I took him to puppy training and got the idea I could teach him to stick it out on command,” Kirsty, a web developer, was quoted as saying by Mirror.
Cooper performed so well at puppy school that he was given extra homework as he advanced way beyond the other dogs.
The two spend around 20 minutes a day practicing tricks, although this can increase to several hours when he is learning a new command, the report said.
Kirsty believes her pooch could have what it takes to make it in show business.
“I wanted to see if he would enjoy working for TV or commercials. He seems like he would be well suited for it because he learns quickly. When you put a new object in front of him he knows you want him to do something with it,” Kirsty said.
“I don’t want him to do anything he doesn’t like. He loves doing the tricks, the reason he progressed was because he was finding the simpler challenges too easy,” she said.