Beijing, China (BBN)-A young Chinese bride-to-be has been hailed as a heroine after rushing to the rescue of a drowning man – midway through a wedding photoshoot.
Guo Yuanyuan was busy posing for the camera in a beautiful dress at a seaside resort in China’s Dalian city when she spotted the man drowning and instantly sprinted towards him, dress and all, reports the NDTV.
Guo turned out to be a nurse at the Dalian Central Hospital.
She pulled the swimmer to the shore after he had a heart attack while in the water and administered CPR, reports CCTV News.
Pictures of the rescue, with Guo all dressed up, have been circulated on the Chinese social networking site, Sina Weibo.
According to CCTV News, Guo Yuanyuan has now been dubbed “zuimeixinniang,” which means “most beautiful bride.”