Kerala, India (BBN)-“I want to see this world. This is my desire, my only desire,” says Vijayan, a tea stall owner from Kerala. He, along with his wife Mohana, has travelled to at least 17 different countries.
In a heartwarming video by Copybook Films, Vijayan talks about chasing his dream to see the world despite all odds, reports the NDTV.
He talks about his wife who is the source of strength, his shop where he earns about Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per day, and how society reacts to his extravagant dream, calling him crazy.
“We have one lifetime to do everything. You can’t create extra time for it,” he says in the video.
Vijayan has spent around Rs. 10-15 lakh to see the world. “If money is our only concern, we will not be able to do anything,” he says.
He explains how many people wonder if it would have been prudent to save the money.
But Vijayan has a beautiful explanation for that as well.
Watch the video below to understand Vijayan’s perspective better.
It will inspire you to go after your dream.