New Delhi, India (BBN) – Summers are a great time to be out in the sun, feel the sand under your feet and soak in the warm summer breeze but its not just skin that needs to be protected in the scorching weather but also hair.
One can follow some do-it-yourself remedies like hot oil massage and washing less often to make tresses summer ready, reports hindustantimes quoting IANS.
Audrey D’Souza, TIGI Educator and Sangeeta Velaskar, Vice President and Head, Medical Services and R&D, Kaya Limited give you a lowdown on getting through the season with fabulous hair!
* AVOID HEAT TREATMENTS: With the sun rays being strong; additional use of any heat styling products will damage your hair even further.
* NIGHT TREATMENT: Wrap a towel around your hair after applying a leave-in conditioner to the dry and frizzy hair areas and leave overnight.
Voila! Wake up with tamed, soft and unfrizzy hair.
* HOT OIL RINSE: Coconut, olive, and avocado oils penetrate easily into the hair shaft.
Shampoo hair as usual, then massage in oil from ends to roots.
Rinse and condition as usual. This will instantly make your hair feel softer to touch and much more hydrated.
* RETAIN MOISTURE AND KEEP HAIR PROTECTED: The ultimate triple threat for your hair during summers is the combination of heat, sun and humidity.
It’s important to make sure your hair retains its moisture and stays protected, in this case a heat protector would work wonders and also provide that extra UV protection to your hair.
It also reduces the damage caused by wind, especially if your hair is prone to tangling or frizz.
* WASH LESS OFTEN: Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more.
Try simply rinsing in the shower after a day at the beach or pool, and see if that gets rid of some extra oil. Use a natural dry shampoo, instead of regular shampoo to go a bit longer without washing.
* USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB INSTEAD OF BRUSHING: Avoid pulling anything through your hair when it’s wet, since that’s when it is most susceptible to breaking.
Wide-tooth combs are most gentle for untangling hair, as brushes can pull and tear when they snag strands.