Hannah Crowley navigates her way towards Dublin’s notorious M50 ring road – well, not really. Photo taken from BBC

Dublin, Ireland (BBN) – Hannah Crowley is “a wonderful little 18-month-old who takes everything in her stride,” according to dad Stephen.
That would certainly seem to be the case judging by the image of her driving a car towards Dublin’s M50, a road where many adults fear to venture, reports BBC.
However, she did have a little help from dad, a 32-year-old designer from Dublin.
He used his image-editing skills to produce stunningly realistic pictures of Hannah in “mildly-hazardous situations” – and all for a good cause.
Hannah has been through a lot in her short life.
She has suffered from the rare, and life-threatening, immune system condition Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).
“Treatment was 12 weeks of chemotherapy, steroids and immuno-suppressants, all in isolation, followed by a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated anonymous donor,” said Stephen.
“The transplant cured HLH, although she may have some health issues as a result of the transplant.”
Despite her ordeal, he said the 18-month-old “very rarely cries or gets cranky, and absolutely loves music”.
“She is doing great, really starting to catch up now that she can be out and about, and around other children,” he said.
But why did Stephen decide to create these images of Hannah in these situations?
“What was initially just a bit of fun to worry family and friends, ended up being popular enough to use to raise awareness about signing up to become a bone marrow donor,” he said.
“The more people on the register, the more likely that those who need a transplant can find a good match and, in turn, have a better chance of overcoming serious illnesses,” he added.
Those interested in becoming a bone marrow donor can register with Anthony Nolan, the UK’s Blood Cancer Charity‎ or with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service in the Republic of Ireland.